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How to go to ArtScience Museum? The ArtScience museum is one of the most highly recommended tourist spots in Singapore that you have to check out especially if you’re going to bring along your children! How to go to ArtScience Museum? As the name suggests, the museum is a combination of artistic works and everything science. In this museum, science is less complicated and art is something that you can relate to. The effect of this is the unique combination of discovery and wonder! In this article, you’ll learn the step – by – step of how to go to ArtScience Museum?

Visit the ArtScience Museum Future World

How to go to ArtScience Museum? The ArtScience Museum holds a permanent exhibition known as ArtScience Museum Future World. This part of the place is suited not just for kids but also for adults. The exhibition is created by award – winning group named teamLab. They are a Japanese art collective group that designed the exhibit using different kinds of technologies. As a result, the whole museum is a cutting – edge modern art gallery. If you’re interested in what a digital art gallery looks like, then you should definitely check out Future World because it will take you to literally a futuristic kind of world!

Tips Before Visiting the ArtScience Museum

  • If you want to have a hassle – free trip to the ArtScience Museum particularly the Future World. Check out our tips below:
  • Make sure to buy your tix online. This is because it’ll give you a much cheaper price and it will be more convenient. You can somehow skip the line because all you have to do is show the voucher as proof that you’ve already bought an electronic ticket or e – ticket.
  • The Future World in the Museum will take you approximately two hours to roam around in, so be prepared for that.
  • Perhaps the best time to visit is around 10 am to 11:30 am because it isn’t that crowded. You might want to avoid visiting the museum during weekends as well as public holidays because there’s going to be lots of people there for sure!
  • Make sure to always check their official site or follow their social media accounts before planning a trip to see if there are any announcements or latest updates that could affect your scheduled plan.

Step by Step Guide on How to Go to ArtScience Museum via MRT Train

How to go to ArtScience Museum? The easiest way to go to the ArtScience Museum if you’re going to commute is through their MRT train because it is fast and the fare is affordable. You can simply take the train and get off the Bayfront MRT station then walk for a couple of minutes to the museum.

How to go to ArtScience Museum? Follow these steps so that you won’t get lost from Bayfront MRT station up to the ArtScience Museum.

Step #1: Make sure to take the Circle Line or the Downtown Line to Bayfront MRT Station. Once you’re out, look for the Exit D.

Built for hundreds and hundreds of people to pass through. But sometimes it’s also pretty much deserted and you have the station almost all to yourself.

Step #2: Follow Exit D because this is where you can also see further directions for Museum.

Step #3: The next step is to go up the escalator until Level 1.

Step #4: After which, you can just walk straight. You will then see a casino on your right hand side.

Step #5: Keep walking straight until you see a Gucci store on your right – hand side. Once you see it, just walk out the entrance and then turn right.

Step #6: After you turned right, make sure to go straight. And soon, you will see the entrance.

Step #7: Keep on the right lane and go straight.

Step #8: You should turn left when you see the glass building on your left – hand side.

Step #9: Congratulations! You already reached the main entrance of ArtScience Museum!

Step #10: But wait there’s more! Once you enter the premises, make sure to take the elevators to Basement 2. This is where you can buy the tickets at a ticketing counter if in case you haven’t bought an e- ticket.

Keep In Mind

How to go to ArtScience Museum? Here’s the thing, there will definitely be long queues especially if you’ve visit during school holidays and public holidays.

You can easily skip the queues to buy your ArtScience Museum tickets in advance via Klook, a reliable authorize online seller.

We highly recommend buying from Klook because the tickets you bought from Klook will let you to enter the the place directly. In addition to this, the tickets are usually much cheaper if you buy it from Klook than at the ticketing counter.

It’s also hassle – free because you just need to present your soft copy tickets issued from Klook from your smartphone or a print out copy at the entry gate. And you can easily skip through the long queue and go straight to the museum! We hope this tutorial article answered your question, how to go to ArtScience Museum?

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