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How to go to Universal Studios Singapore? Apart from this, let me present to you the best experience as well as non-adventure trips in Universal Studios Singapore. Also, the preferred street efficiency as well as fabulous programs you need to see therein. Do not fret; you’ll recognize all these attractions with photos as well as practical details for much easier understanding. How to go to Universal Studios Singapore? This can help you to prepare your Universal Studios Singapore trip beforehand so that you can start with the most popular rides as well as shows during your browse through! Lastly, I’ll share with you how to skip the long lines up at the ticketing counters to save your valuable time. This overview will assist you to get accustomed to the amusement park in advance so that you’ll have an unforgettable as well as an enjoyable journey to Universal Studios Singapore. How to go to Universal Studios Singapore? Let’s begin exploring the magical motif park in Sentosa Island now!

How to go to Universal Studios Singapore via MRT + Sentosa Express

How to go to Universal Studios Singapore? Before we tell you how to ride the MRT train and Sentosa Express going to the Universal Studios, it’s important to note some changes as of April 2019. There are two stations in the Sentosa Express that were renamed: The Sentosa Station was now renamed to VivoCity Station. The Waterfront Station was renamed to Resorts World Station. It’s also important to note that it is free to ride the Sentosa Express Monorail in Sentosa Island and the return trip is also FREE!!

Make sure to follow the steps below:

Step #1: The first thing you need to do is to take the North East Line or Circle Line to Harbor Front MRT Station because this is the nearest MRT Station to Universal Studios Singapore.

Step #2: Get off at the Harbor Front MRT Station. Then you need to walk to the Exit E for VivoCity Shopping Mall and Sentosa Express.

Step #3: Take the escalators up to the Level 3 of VivoCity Shopping Mall.

Step #4: Make sure to buy your Sentosa Express ticket at the Level 3 of ticketing counter.

Step #5: The monorail fare is SGD $4 and you can pay by Cash or Credit Card.

Step #6: Take the Sentosa Express Monorail from VivoCity Station to Resorts World Station. You can see the monorail station just beside the ticketing counter.

Step #7: When you get down at Resorts World Station, follow the direction boards for the park in Sentosa Island.

If you have EZ – Link Card, make sure to scan it at the entry gate of the VivoCity Station in order for you to get on the monorail. You don’t have to purchase ticket for the Sentosa Express.

Keep In Mind

You can purchase the Universal Studios Singapore ticket online from Klook to avoid the long waiting lines there. In this means, you can spend more time at the style park and also less time at the line for the access ticket.

Klook is an incredibly popular guidebook platform that offer numerous tourist attraction tickets with affordable rates and additionally enable you to avoid the lines up at ticketing counter. It’s also a famous certified online seller of the park’s tix. After you’ve gotten the ticket from them, you’ll receive a soft duplicate ticket.

You just require to make use of that soft duplicate ticket to get in the amusement park straight by simply showing it with your mobile phone. You can print out the soft copy ticket to access the style park directly.

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