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Singapore is not only known for its top-tier, world-class airport facilities; heart-pumping awe-inspiring theme parks, and exhilarating beautiful city skyline, but also for its finger-licking dishes. After all; it resembles a lot of the movie Crazy Rich Asians; where Singapore does really have foods that are wonderful and will sure bring a party to your mouth. 

From cheap hawker centers chow to heritage restaurants serving delicate and fresh seafood; hearty rice, and noodles, Singapore will never let the foodies in us down. Thus; let us now cut to the chase and go over the list of the top ten best of the best Singaporean delicacies your mouth should not miss. 

Chili Crab 

Ask any local about Singapore’s most patronized and in fact their national dish, and everybody would mention chili crab. It’s a clear winner and favorite. 

This dish has been voted as one of the world’s 50 most delicious foods. So; while you are in the Lion city, make sure to treat yourself and whoever you are with these juicy crabs soaked in flavorful and aromatic sweet spicy tomato and chili sauce. It is also beast paired with steamed or fried mantous (buns, simply put).

Chicken rice 

Another contender for Singapore’s most popular and well-loved dish is chicken rice, also called Hainanese Chicken. This Singaporean delicacy is a chicken cooked in a blend of pork and chicken bone stock; that gives it a savory taste. After cooking, it is also sometimes immersed in ice water to create a glazed look. The rice follow-up is then prepared in chicken stock, ginger, and garlic that secures rich exquisite bites. 

Char Kway Teow 

In Singapore, it is almost an intentional crime if you do not try to savor these wide, flavorful rice noodles. Char Kway Teow is stir-fried with crispy bean sprouts, Chinese sausage, clams; and richly seasoned with dark soy sauce and fresh shrimp paste. It’s flavorful, filling, and with an aromatic smoky flavor that you will simply not recover from. 

Nasi Lemak 

Delight in the different textures and flavors of this Malay meal. Nasi Lemak translates to rich rice, perfectly asserting the dish being cooked in flavorful creamy coconut milk. 

This is a national dish of Malaysia, and it is fried chicken mixed with dried anchovies, roasted peanuts, eggs, grilled fish cake; and chili paste. You can also choose to have fried yellow stripe scad and beef lung in it. However, you like to decide, it is flavorful enough to bring a much-needed party in your mouth.

Kaya Toast 

It is not a Singaporean morning without this other tasteful delicacy. This dish might seem simple, but it is highly appreciated among locals. It is essentially a dish made with sweet kaya, a pandan flavored coconut jam and a slice of butter that is sandwiched between toasted slices of bread. Interestingly; it is then dipped in a mixture of soft-boiled eggs, pepper, and a dark or light splash of soy sauce. 

Even better, secure this authentic Singaporean experience with a sip of full-bodied kopi; which is their coffee, but sweetened with condensed milk! Interesting taste buds! 


Any trip to a hawker center is incomplete without having your mouthful bite of Satay. Enjoy this delectable skewered grilled meat, that is typically accompanied by ketupat, or a flavorful steamed rice cake; as well as a savory peanut dip. Cucumbers and onions are great add-ons to this. 

There are a variety of meat, pork, chicken, lamb, beef and so on. For the safe first try, go for pork! The Locals swear it’s really savory. 

Bak Kut Teh 

Bak kut teh, which means meat bone tea, is a very savory pork rib soup dish. Basically, it is a simple, perfect for those cold nights, a meal that just consists of pork bones and meat boiled together; sprinkled gently with a delicate amount of herbs and spices. Once it is done, it is served with tofu puffs, mushroom, rice and you tiao, or dough fritters. 

Sambal Stingray 

Another famed Singaporean delicacy is actually a street food, Sambal stingray, also known as ikan kabar is a barbecued fish. Eating one of these is sure quite a treat as it is originally grilled in banana leaf; this is done to retain its natural flavor. 

To seal the deal, it is topped with spicy sambal paste that is made from chili peppers, shrimp paste, shallots; and spices. To balance your palette eating Sambal stingray, it is best paired with salty cincalok; a dipping sauce made with fermented shrimp, lime, and chili. Interesting flavors! 


Laksa is a highlight of Perankan cuisine, as it combines Malay and Chinese influences. It is a creamy coconut curry sauce that is often savored with cut up noodles and fried bean curd. Laksa is the dish you can surely rely on for flavor; for a very affordable price, it is also very fast to make and serve! 

Bak Chor Mee 

Chow down on the hearty bak chor mee, which means minced meat and noodles. This is a delicious bowl of noodles that is topped with smoky flavorful sliced pork, dumplings, pork liver, and salted fish, made even spectacular with its spicy vinegar sauce.Bak chor mee has a lot of variety with its noodle types, you can choose to munch in mee pok (Flat noodle), mee kia (thin noodle), bee hoon (rice vermicelli) mee sua (wheat vermicelli) and mee tai mak (rice pin pasta)


Singaporean dishes sure are not to be ignored, base on our rich discussion, they do really are mouth-watering! Make sure to open yourself to other cuisine cultures, you’ll never know, these top ten might be more than just a unique experience and have you in awe and crave them 24/7! 

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