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What is it like to travel in Singapore? Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, and it is very near the equator; so don’t be surprise because it’s almost always summer in this place. What is it like to travel in Singapore? It is a sovereign republic near the Malaysian and Indonesian Peninsula; and it is basically just an extensive island with several islets that surround it. What is it like to travel in Singapore? The Republic of Singapore has done much reclamation over the past decades; they created a sort of a green living ecosystem where they populated the island with lots of tropical gardens, parks; and other nature inspired scenery that will surely reconnect you with Mother Nature even if the island is also surrounded with modern architectural marvels.

Facts About Singapore

What is it like to travel in Singapore? Singapore is a force to be reckoned with mainly because of its reputation in various industries. Its overall standing as an economy is what probably separates it from the other fastest growing Asian countries. Singapore has achieved many important milestones; it is ranked #1 in Asia on the United Nations Human Development Index. Its quality of life, education, healthcare, safety and security as well as housing are among the highest internationally.

It is also regarded as the 3rd largest foreign exchange market; 3rd largest financial and trading center internationally, and also the 3rd in terms of oil refinery. The city is also declared as the best investment potential in Asia; it is also houses 2nd busiest container port. Singapore is even recognized as the most technology – ready country in the world. It is Asia’s top International Meetings City, 2nd most competitive country; and being a tax haven is also under its belt. Oh just in case you did not know, Singapore is also one of the founding members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Singapore City

What is it like to travel in Singapore? Despite of its lacking natural resources, Singapore became a city that is beloved by many tourists around the world. The story of how this humble country came together; and how it became one of Asia’s Tiger Economies after World War II is truly an amazing feat. 

Some people say that Singapore is a country of many restrictions, it’s probably why the place is beautiful; the city is systematic, and its people is disciplined in almost every aspect; but the factor that molds the country together is mainly because of its sense of balance – balance between the government’s power and social freedom. It is probably the reason why it is such a peaceful place – one where you can wander around without being concerned too much about your safety.


Singapore is also referred to as the “miniature version of Asia;” it is probably the only country in Asia where you cannot determine who is the authentic Singaporean! If you come to this place; you will meet lots of other Asians – Malays, Chinese, Filipinos, Arabs, Indians, Japanese, Indonesians, Koreans and probably almost every Asian nationality as well as Westerners – but seldom could you meet a Singaporean. Its society is a multicultural and multi – racial; unlike if you go in say for example, the Philippines, sure you can find other nationalities but it’s mostly Filipinos, same in Korea, or India.

What is it like to travel in Singapore? This may actually serve as an advantage because diversity and equality are not an issue; in fact they take great pride in its very diverse society. The country is very open to all nationality and Singapore provides an opportunity to other ethnic backgrounds which in turn contributes in its thriving economy.


What is it like to travel in Singapore? Malay is the national language under Singapore’s constitution; however Singlish (Singaporean English) is the spoken language by many residents. English (usually using a British spelling) is the official language taught in schools; and used in written documents or declarations as well as speeches. Their other official languages are Mandarin Chinese and Tamil. Since it’s a multi – racial country, expect to also hear other languages or Asian dialects.

The Singlish is very hard to understand; it’s like English with mostly a Chinese language, or a Chinese dialect with a touch of English. The verbs, the grammars, and sentence structures are also multi-racial so to speak. Good luck understanding that!

Singapore Travel Dos and Don’t’s

What is it like to travel in Singapore? The currency in Singapore is called Singaporean Dollars (SGD). It’s better if you exchange your national money at the airport where you can get better rates; of course you can also withdraw money on various ATMs where major debit cards are accepted. It can be found in almost all major attractions in the city, including the airport or other transportation hubs.


You don’t necessarily need vaccination certificates or other medical certificates upon entering in Singapore; although it’s better to check if your airline requires it. You may need to provide a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate if you’re coming from a country that had a Yellow Fever epidemic.

If you happen to bring to your pets, you need to show its health or medical clearances to ensure that they have been vaccinated and free of rabies; you may also want to check your airlines if they will allow it. Please also check the consular website regarding the breed or the type of animal you can bring to Singapore.


The municipal water in Singapore is approved by the World Health Organization and therefore safe to drink. It is free for locals and tourists. Mineral waters, including imported brands, can be found in stores and restaurants as well as airports or transportation terminals. There are several public water fountains in many landmarks. You have to drink up, otherwise you’ll get dehydrated, make sure to always bring a bottled water with you. It’s very hot in SG.


Hospitals in Singapore are always available in case of any emergencies or accidents. Both public and private hospitals offer the highest quality of medical care and hospital facilities. The medical fee for attendance depends on the hospital and the procedure that will be done; patients will always be treated even if they cannot pay immediately, although the regulations may vary. Most medical professionals in public and private sectors can speak in English or ‘Singlish.’


You can smoke in designated smoking areas in malls, restaurants, entertainment places and hawker centers (eateries). Obviously, you are not allowed to smoke in air-conditioned areas or facilities

The Lion City

What is it like to travel in Singapore? Singapore is widely known as the “Lion City” not only because of the famous Merlion Park, but also because of its major tourist attractions such as the astonishing Marina Bay Sands, the glorious Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios Singapore, the Fullerton Hotel, the awesome Esplanade Theater and the famous Raffles Road. It will truly fascinate you – not to mention their multi – cultural fine dining experience, the modern architecture, the luxury hotels, and the hard-to-understand but still very polite people will surely keep you coming back.

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